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Nümen Consulting Baltic OÜ
Reg nr. 10522254
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About us

Nümen Consulting Baltic is the new legal name of Thomas International Baltics.

Recruite, find, develop and retain right people and teams for right roles with the help of Thomas psychometric tools and Thomas platform.


Indrek Rahi

Expert of organisational culture and development, leadership, team design, self-development, Thomas tools

Katrin Rahi

Leader. Expert of team design, self-development, Thomas tools, coach

TMD Partners

Through close partnership with TMD , we ensure consistency in Pan-Baltic training and business consulting projects

Urve Palo

Expert in leadership, self-development, team design

Kaija Teemägi

Expert of project management, self-development

Tene Link

Expert in service, recruitment, team design, leadership

Aile Laansalu

Expert in service customer experience, sales, team design

Kaido Kubri

Expert of team design, self-development, sales, coach

Hannes Rumm

Expert of self-development, team design, communiaction

Katre Eljas

Expert of organisational development and behaviour and self development